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   Survey Concepts initially was established in 1983 to fill a niche in the management consulting industry.  The need existed to develop an objective, statistically valid and reliable tool that could be used to obtain employee input, concerns and perspectives, and then provide that information to management.  In order to obtain the most accurate information, the tool needed to be administered in such a way that employees’ responses were kept anonymous, giving them the security of knowing they could talk frankly about what mattered to them.

   The past 30 years have seen dramatic changes in technology and thus in the opinion survey process.  For example, while surveys at one time were strictly “paper and pencil,” they now can be administered in many different ways.  For example, while many clients prefer to make the survey available to employees online, we continue to offer the option of paper surveys as well.  We’ve discovered there still are many employees who are either uncomfortable with computers or mistrust the anonymity of information collected electronically.  Because we want to ensure that that all employees have an opportunity to participate comfortably in the survey process, we offer these and other options for survey completion.

   The ways in which survey results are used also have evolved over the years.  Many organizations utilize surveys primarily to assess and improve employee engagement, but surveys can serve other purposes as well. For example, many government agencies require surveys of employee engagement or satisfaction in order to qualify for reimbursement.  In addition, vulnerability to potential union organizing often can be measured and addressed through use of the survey tool.  Other common uses have included assessing employee concerns prior to a merger or facility relocation, gauging reaction to specific changes the organization has implemented, gathering opinions concerning the effectiveness of specific benefit programs or communication mechanisms, or collecting perceptions of individual supervisors, managers and executives that can be used to provide them with feedback that helps to improve their leadership performance.

   Ultimately, however, the effectiveness of a survey is determined by management’s ability to use the results in achieving organizational improvements.  To support those efforts, we have developed a survey report format that is complete, easy to interpret, and provides comparisons against other relevant groups so managers can put their own results into the context of today’s economic realities.

   Now might be a great time to conduct a survey at your organization.  Give us a call and we can work with you to create a survey questionnaire and process that is specific to your needs.

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