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The Survey Concepts core employee engagement survey consists of several major elements:

  • Demographic items asking employees to identify their department, job classification, shift, tenure and other information of interest.
  • A seven-point measure of employees’ overall satisfaction with their work lives.
  • An “employee retention” section that assesses whether employees intend to stay with the organization for the near future.
  • An “optimism” section that determines whether respondents feel various factors are improving or becoming worse within the organization.
  • Specific items assessing employee engagement factors driving connection (unity, pride, safety/security and fairness) and contribution (direction, resources, ability and motivation).
  • One or more open-ended questions asking for participants’ input.

   Every organization is in many ways unique so that no “off-the-shelf” survey realistically can be expected to address all key issues of importance to every group of employees.  Consequently, as a part of the survey process, Survey Concepts works with the organization to develop “custom-designed” items that can be added to the core questionnaire.

   When the numerical survey responses have been computer-analyzed and participants’ responses to open-ended items have been compiled and paraphrased to protect anonymity, a summary report then is developed that:

  • Compares organization-wide results against comparable national benchmarks.
  • Reports results for every survey grouping and compares them against the organization-wide results and national benchmarks.
  • Identifies key factors that are promoting the employee engagement factors of connection and/or contribution.
  • Identifies issue clusters that are inhibiting the employee engagement factors of connection and/or contribution.
  • Recommends actions to strengthen connection and/or contribution, both organization-wide and within specific groups.

   In addition, other data analyses often are done to examine specific aspects of the organization’s employee relations efforts, such as vulnerability to potential union organizing.  Typically, the survey results are provided within approximately five weeks of completion of survey administration.

   Reports are provided to the client in paper and/or pdf format.  If desired, a survey consultant then meets with levels of leadership to review and interpret the results and train leaders in how best to follow up with employees and involve them in constructive problem solving.  Involving employees in the process builds their sense of inclusion and often generates effective solutions to the issues they identified on the survey.

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